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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wristbands

During the global pandemic, public health officials recommend washing hands or using hand sanitizer as an effective way to prevent the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer dispenser wristbands make carrying and using hand sanitizer more convenient. They are the perfect accessory for kids and adults who might forget their sanitizers’ home. Our hand sanitizer wrist dispenser combines style with safety in a compact, sleek, and comfortable bracelet.

Our easy to wear, stylish, and refillable sanitizer bracelets are the future of hygiene and sanitization. The hand sanitizer dispenser braceletss are made for all genders and are ideal for children as well. We offer logo customization and have a large assortment of colors to meet the needs of your company or organization.

hand dispenser wrist dispenser

How Our Wristbands Work?

Not only are our wristbands comfortable to wear, but they are easy for anyone to use. Refilling is easy with minimal mess or sanitizer waste and dispensing the sanitizer is as easy as pressing with your thumb.

  1. Fill the empty chamber with sanitizer then firmly close the cap when it is full. Secure the wrist band comfortably around your wrist.
  2. Squeeze the chamber of the band any time during the day to dispense into your palm. Use it as often as you need. After using the restroom, grocery shopping, opening a door, or using credit card terminals, this wristband makes sanitizing your hands quick and easy.

Silicone Bracelet Hand Dispenser Features

There are plenty of wristbands and hand sanitizing products on the market, but here are just a few reasons why you should consider using a wristband sanitizer:

  • Easy To Use: Our wristbands are easy for anyone of any age to use. You no longer need to worry about carrying a hand sanitizer bottle in your pocket or purse.
  • Convenience: Whether you’re in the workplace or the grocery store, you don’t have to worry about whether or not there is hand sanitizer available. With our wristbands, your sanitizer is always on hand, and you never have to worry about carrying cumbersome sanitizing wipes or bottles. You can squeeze and sanitize anywhere, at any time.
  • Ideal for All Ages: It can be challenging to remind children to wash their hands, but our sanitizing bracelets are perfect for children of all ages. Ideal for schools and even senior living facilities, our wristbands are adjustable to fit all sizes of wrists.
  • Versatility: We designed our wristband specifically for hand sanitizer, but it’s also the perfect dispenser for sunscreen lotion, mosquito repellent, or other lotions. The versatility of our bracelets means that you can provide versatility to your customer base, too.
  • High-Quality Silicone: Our bracelets are made of high-quality food-grade silicone, which means that the versatile bracelets are not only safe for contact with your skin but also reusable, washable, and waterproof.

Specifications of Our Bracelet Hand Dispenser

  • Available in Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green and any Pantone Color.
  • 10 holes to adjust for various wrist sizes
  • Hold about 10 mL of hand sanitizer or other liquid/lotions
  • 250 cm long, and band is 1.6 cm wide
  • Comes with an empty bottle and with nozzle tip for refilling wristband
silicone bracelet hand dispenser

Custom Hand Sanitizer Wristbands

We offer a variety of customizing options, from printing your logo to offering a large assortment of vibrant colors. A custom hand sanitizer wristband is ideal if you plan to sponsor a charity or business event or want a simple solution for preventing the spread of germs in your workplace, organization, or public setting.

Our customizable wristbands will help you get noticed and will show people that you care about their health and safety.

Ordering a custom hand sanitizer wristband is easy when you follow these steps:

  1. Select a color from our large selection or give us your Pantone color code.
  2. Send us your artwork, logo, or whatever you want to be printed on the band. 
  3. Send Proof Before Production
custom hand sanitizer wristbands

Application for Hand Sanitizing Wristbands

Due to COVID 19, we advise you to wear it everywhere you go, from public places to outdoor spaces. The process of manufacturing these bracelets’ considers the constant opening, closing, filling, squeezing, and temperature changes. Therefore, the wristband sanitizer dispenser is long-lasting. The hand sanitizer bracelet is ideal for everyone.

Our wristband hand sanitizing Wristbands are specifically designed for people in medical settings, offices, schools, at the gym or who are traveling. Due to the versatility of our wristbands, they are an ideal option if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Not only do our wristbands help you effectively get rid of harmful germs and bacteria, but they are also stylish, and the minimalist design looks great with any outfit.

hand sanitizing wristband application

Wholesale Sanitizer Bracelets

Hand sanitizer Bracelets are gradually growing to their peak selling point in the global market. They are the future of hygiene and staying virus-free. We offer a variety of wholesale quantities to meet your supply needs and demands. Whether you want a dozen wristbands or need products with your logo, we provide high-quality work, an affordable price, and quick turnaround time.

Hand sanitizer is an essential part of everyday life and our hand sanitizer wrist dispensers are the perfect solution to keeping you healthy and safe. Our bracelets are stylish, comfortable, multi-purpose, and hold up well for every day and all-day use. While there are various sanitizing wholesale products on the market, ours will easily get you noticed and become one of your top-selling and most-requested items.

Not only do we offer affordable pricing and MOQs but we also provide our diverse customer base with high-quality customizable options. Whether you need bright colored bracelets for a group of students or custom printed bracelets for your office, we have an effective and comfortable solution to hand hygiene for you.

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