NFC Wristbands

Can Communicate With Smartphones and Tablet Computers No Security Problems
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The material of NFC wristband is silicone, Tyvek, vinyl, plastic, nylon woven fabric or stain fabric. The difference between NFC bracelet with RFID bracelet is only the chip. If you need RFID wristbands, we embed the RFID chip, such as FM11RF08 1K, Mifare Classic 1K. If you need NFC wristbands, we may use Ntag 213.NFC Silicone Wristbands

The NFC wristband is readable by all smartphones and writeable with Android cell phones so you can share links, your social media, special messages, websites, your contact information, Contactless Payments and even more!

For silicone NFC wristbands, it is very comfortable so you can wear it with ease all day long without ever experiencing any discomfort! The NFC wristbands are waterproof you can wear it in the shower or when you go swimming. It is also great for the gym as you can safely wear it even when you sweat! Stay fit!  For more details of NFC wristbands, you may
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fabric NFC wristband

Fabric NFC Wristbands are super easy to put on your wrist, The strap is with a white plastic clasp that has teeth to prevent the wristband from falling off and from being removed. Printed on the back of the PVC tag is the UID of the NFC chip.

The NFC wristbands feature a NTAG213 NFC chip with 144 bytes of total memory and can be made read-only. They are made for ONE-TIME USE only – once you put them on, you will have to cut them to take them off. For more details of Fabric NFC Wristbands, you may check Fabric RFID Wristbands.

For NFC Tyvek wristbands and other materials, please check the related RFID Bands.

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rfid and nfc

NFC near-field communication technology evolved from the integration of contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection technology, which combines contactless card readers, contactless cards and point-to-point functions on a single chip to identify and exchange data with compatible devices within a short distance. The operating frequency is 13.56 MHz.

fabric nfc wristbandRFID wristbands only stock date and need RFID reader to active, but the NFC wristbands could exchange data with RFID wristbands. With this important function, NFC wristband could be widely used for consumer electronics to communicate with each other.

Based on NFC technology, NFC wristband is compatible with ISO14443A standard and can communicate with rapidly developing NFC-compliant devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Use near-field communication to avoid the security problems of remote field communication technologies, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc., which may be intercepted and decoded. It is very suitable for all applications where privacy requirements are strict.

NFC wristband is a special type of NFC products that are designed for wrist wearing. It combines NFC’s advantages with human engineering. Its creative profile makes it distinctly good when using it in easy-to-use environments, such as hospital, theme park, event, and sports.