Rfid Wristbands For Theme Park

RFID Wristbands For Theme Park

For theme park Rfid wristbands, if you just need the one-time use one,  vinyl wristbands will be the most suitable.  It is Environment-Friendly and excellent for multi-day use. Soft and comfortable, each wristband has a secure snap closure. Vinyl wristbands are totally waterproof and will last up to 2 weeks.

If you need it reusable or like the season pass, silicone RFID wristbands will be your choice. It is also known as rubber bracelets, these are made of 100% silicone and very durable.

About RFID System for Theme Park

With high-frequency RFID tag embedded wristband and data encryption technology to prevent the wristband’s tag ID number from being illegally read, each visitor can choose to set up a prepaid account connected to the personal wristband ID number. According to this feature, visitors can purchase food or other items and rent a surfboard or other equipment by presenting a wristband to a card reader installed at a different point of sale and connected to the payment terminal. According to this feature, visitors do not need to bring cash or credit cards to the resort, nor do they need to distribute cash to the children. 

The application of this system in the theme park will reduce the number of visitors waiting at various entrances and sales locations. Also, this system will reduce the amount of cash that sellers have on hand to prepare for change.  is also able to use the data collected from the system to analyze the time and amount of buying habits and executing transactions, in order to achieve the goal of improving staff and service. 

Functions and Benefits of RFID Application for the Amusement Park
Cashless Point-of-Sale:
Increase park revenue by providing cashless spending opportunities at food and beverage outlets, gift shops, vending machines, business service centers, and more!
Transactions using RFID cashless payments are extremely quick and easy, taking about half the time compared to using credit cards or cash.
With quicker processes come faster purchases, shorter guest lines, and more satisfied customers.  Less time waiting in line means guests now spend more time enjoying your parks amenities.

Automated Entrance Turnstiles: wristbands and RFID turnstiles provide faster access to the park while reducing the need for manual labor.  The power of RFID also provides real-time park access data and monitoring.

Keyless Doors & Lockers: Wristbands increase security and guest convenience as they multi-task as the main access device for lockers, hotel rooms, VIP Areas, more! Since Rfid wristbands keep securely on the wrist, guests can enjoy your parks amenities without having to worry about forgetting or misplacing their key.

Wristband Kiosk: Smart® Kiosk system enables guests to purchase admissions, concession, and rental items, or re-load funds directly to their wristband. Self-service capabilities reduce the need for manual labor and reduce transaction times.

Social Media Integration: By sharing their experiences through social media profiles, your guests significantly increase your brand exposure outside your park while providing viral marketing opportunities

Photo Management Systems: With a simple scan of a guests’ RFID Wristband, on-site photographers can instantly link guest photos to their unique portfolio and store on a central server to boost sales.