Rfid Wristbands For Sports

RFID Wristbands For Sports


Racetrack Rfid Wristbands for sports offer a great option for gate control, security, and comfortable wear.  We have a number of different RFID wristband options that allow you to select a bracelet that fits the needs of your sporting event.

Tyvek wristbands are the most affordable option for its low cost. Tyvek® is water resistant, it has a waterproof adhesive closure.

Vinyl wristbands are totally waterproof, great for use up to 2 weeks, comfortable, and can be customized.  They are similar to PVC bands in that they both have snap closures on them.

Both Tyvek and vinyl bracelets are suitable for outdoor long-distance projects such as running, marathon, and walking. Suitable for sports competitions of all sizes and grades

The Function of RFID Racetrack System

  • Portable design, one-time design operation is simple and convenient;
  • A complete anti-collision mechanism that reliably identifies a large number of chips that appear simultaneously;
  • With wireless signal triggering and chip triggering;
  • Remote distance synchronization device working distance: no limit;
  • Support distributed timing point management;
  • Sound and light indication of the chip detection and reading status;
  • It has automatic counting function and can provide segment ranking and total score ranking;
  • Have layout management functions, such as athlete management, group setting, game performance management, etc.
  • Timing results and lap results can be directly transmitted to the large screen or the venue display for real-time display;