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Rfid Wristbands For Prison

RFID Wristbands for Prison and Jail

The RFID wristband uses the cloud intelligence system to realize the wristband to identify prisoner information. It easy to retrieve the user’s entry and exit records by remote scanning and locate the prisoner’s specific location in prison at any time. When the prisoner enters the restricted area, the cloud intelligent system automatically alarms to remind the management personnel to monitor the safety of the inmate in time.

Functions and Benefits of RFID Application for Prison

Cashless Payment: Cash is not allowed in the prison. The money sent by the family members is stored in the “wristband”. When the detainees need to buy some daily necessities, they will brush the “wristband”.
Keyless Locker: In the detention center, there is also a special storage room with lockers similar to supermarkets. When the suspects are being held in the detention center, the items they carry with them are stored in the cabinet and can only be brushed by themselves. The wristband is “opened.”

Entry and exit records: record the behavior of prisoners. The “Wristband” also records the trajectory of the detainees. When a detainee who is about to accept the trial enters the interrogation room, he sweeps the “wrist strap” on the door and the timing begins. At the end of the trial and return to the prison, the time is over. Similarly, meeting with family members, lawyers… The daily activities of detainees are recorded through the “wristband”.

Information Alert: With the function of remind of information, guards could know the dynamics of the prisoners in real time.
Prison Track: guards could find the specific location of prisoners.
Restricted Warning: When prisoners enter the restricted area, the system will automatically alarm to ensure the safety.
Emergency Situation: When jailbreak occurs,  the system will automatically alarm.