Rfid Wristbands For Hotel and Resort

RFID Wristbands For Hotel and Resort


Hotels and Resorts are one of the world’s biggest users of wristbands for their facilities. They use wristbands for a variety of reasons. 

The electronic wristband worn on the hand can be used as an access card and a bill. Whether it is in or out of restaurants, rooms, bathing, restaurants, etc, can be unlocked or recorded by electronic hand, the restaurant’s customary meal coupons, hot spring coupons, and other paper products can be saved, and by the way, do a good job for environmental protection.

RFID silicone wristbands and RFID Plastic Wristbands are suitable for hotel and resort. For both Plastic and silicone we carry a variety of options so you can pick what is best for you. Both are waterproof so they are great for resorts with pools or waterparks.

All of our wristbands can be customized to your liking, this lets you create a band with your text/logo (and/or your partners) on it. This allows you to create a look unique to your resort so you don’t have guests counterfeiting the bands. You can also add barcodes to the wristbands.