Rfid Wristbands For Hospital

RFID Wristbands For Hospital 


Vinyl RFID wristband is suitable child identification in hospital, made of a non-toxic, hypoallergenic medical special plastic. The Disposable closure could identify the baby unique. 

RFID wristbands system for Baby

At present, most hospitals generally use the wristband for mothers and babies when babies are born, they use it to identify the mother and the baby. This wristband can be easily exchanged. The existing management system of the hospital limits the number of people of the families to visit infants and control the idle personnel to enter and exit. Even so, it is hard to avoid mistake because family members are eager to visit mothers and children. How to solve the problem of stolen baby and prevent mistakes is a technical problem that the maternity hospital urgently needs to solve.

Therefore, according to the actual situation of the hospital and management needs, the hospital mother-infant RFID wristband management system designed with advanced IoT technology is based on the principle of openness, supporting both centralized management and humanized services. It will play a major role in maternal and child identification management, infant anti-theft management, and channel authority management.

Rfid wristband systems play a vital role in hospital management through RFID technology. We could identify the baby and ensure the nurse hold the right one in the baby room. And with information delivery capabilities, always understand baby dynamics. Even in the mother-infant isolation state, you can always know the baby information. Give your baby more safety and make parents more relieved.

RFID wristbands system for Patient

The RFID patient wristband also includes information such as patient name, gender, age, occupation, registration time, time of visit, diagnosis time, examination time, and cost. Patient identity information is obtained without manual input, and the data can be encrypted, ensuring the unique source of patient identity information, avoiding manual input errors, and encrypting and maintaining data security. In addition, the wristband also has a positioning function, and the person wearing the wristband can no longer sneak out of the hospital.

Patients can check the medical expenses at any time on the designated readers through the “RFID wristband”, and can print the cost results themselves, as well as medical insurance policies, rules, regulations, nursing guidance, medical plans, etc. These rise the satisfaction of patients with access to medical information.


Functions and Benefits of RFID Application for Hospital
Identify: The system can identify the baby, so that he does not confuse with other children, so as to avoid the tragedy of holding the wrong baby.
Information Alert: With the function of remind of information, family could know the dynamics of the baby in real time.
Hospital Track: Manager could find the specific location of the baby in the hospital.
Restricted Warning: When baby enters the restricted area, the system will automatically alarm to ensure the safety of tourists timely.
burglar alarm: When the baby is away from the hospital,  the system will automatically alarm.