Rfid Wristbands for Events

RFID Wristbands for Events

When choosing RFID event wristbands, there are a few questions you’ll need to consider:

  • Types of wristbands for events
  • Are you looking for crowd management wristbands (crowd control)
    • Any of our wristbands with a secure closure will work, these can be Tyvek® wristbands, Plastic, vinyl and/or cloth wristbands.
  • How long is your event?
    • For shorter, 1-2 day events Tyvek wristbands are a great economical solution.
    • For longer, 3-7 day events, vinyl provides the comfort and security necessary to withstand days of wear and tear.
    • For multi-week events, silicone and fabric wristbands will stand up to the harshest wear and tear.  If you have an annual event, festival wristbands and bracelets are branding opportunities that can pay off year over year. Custom fabric and silicone wristbands are ideal for that purpose as they are extremely durable.
  • Do you need to track paid access counts?
    • All of our Tyvek event wristbands come standard with numbering.  Numbering can be added to plastic, vinyl, and cloth wristbands.
  • Do you need your logo or text on the bands?
    • If yes, you can customize wristbands.
    • If not, we have hundreds of in-stock event armband options that can ship same business day
  • Will customers need to redeem a ticket?
    • If a customer will need to redeem a ticket or voucher (for food, drink, admittance, etc.) consider using vinyl bracelets or Tyvek bracelets.
  • Will the wristband be used as a gift or promotionally?
    • If yes, silicone and cloth bands are a great promotional gift.
    • If not, Tyvek,  vinyl, and one-time satin woven bracelets are most commonly used for security and identification purposes.

After evaluating the previous questions about your event, you should have an idea about which event bracelets will work best for your specific needs.  

If you can’t decide which event wrist bracelet would work best for you, feel free to contact us.  We’ll be more than happy to walk you through the wristbands for the event selection process.

Our full selection of wristbands can be used for nearly any type of event.  Some of the most common events or places you will see our wrist bracelets for events used are: sporting events, aquariums, fun centers, go-kart tracks, arcades, trampoline parks, wineries, tours, breweries, theatres, museums, parks, campgrounds, hotels, resorts, fairs, bars, nightclubs, school trips, water parks, festivals, concerts, church camps, reunions, weddings, and more!


Benefits of RFID wristbands

Access Control gets people in faster so they have more time to spend, Cashless Payments increases spending, and Experiential creates more valuable sponsorships, all while delivering a world-class guest experience.

Cashless Payment Wristbands
Creating a cashless payment environment at your festival or event can open up a world of possibilities and enhancements for everyone involved. Our RFID wristbands and passes have been used for thousands of cashless transactions, giving organizers complete control over revenues, while festival-goers enjoy a convenient and highly secure method of payment.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time sales reporting for complete control<
  • Dramatically reduced queuing and transaction times at vendors outlets
  • Cost savings from carriage, security, and administration of cash
  • A safer, more convenient way to transact at the event.

RFID Social media integration

On the software side, an application is needed to associate the serial number on the RFID transceiver with the website credentials of the user’s social media. It also requires an application interface that automatically logs into Facebook or other social media by reading the tag.

In general, the active party can let the guest login and touch the transceiver on a particular reader to initiate the “like” action. As for photos, it is usually necessary to set up a dedicated reader to allow users to take photos by touching the transceiver and automatically upload them to the active Facebook page.

By linking a concert-goers custom RFID wristband or pass with their online social profile, organizers and brands can promote their event extensively throughout the digital world, deepening customer relationships and amplifying the event experience to a new audience.

Possible benefits of social media integration include:

  • New revenue streams and enhancements for sponsors and brands
  • Real-time promotions before, during and after an event
  • The ability to ‘check-In’, ‘like’ and Tweet using an admission wristband
  • Festival-goers become brand advocates, projecting their experience to a like-minded online audience 

RFID Access Control Wristbands for Events
Using RFID technology to control access at events can deliver a variety of benefits to organizers and ticket-holders. Our RFID access control wristbands have been used alongside leading technology systems at festivals and events around the world.

Possible benefits of event access control wristbands:

  • Eliminate fraud, fake wristbands, pass-backs and touting
  • Cut costs by reducing staff numbers
  • Dramatically reduce queuing times
  • Gain real-time, zone-specific attendance figures 
  • We have a wide range of wristbands, passes and ID cards that can be RFID-enabled to work with any RFID system.