Product technical background

As the population ageing trend accelerates, the elderly population is growing and faces many issues related to the safe management of the elderly. The nursing home is a very important place for the aged, so the safety management of the aged in the nursing home becomes more and more concerned. At present, there are various kinds of solutions on the market, aiming at the needs of large-scale public places such as nursing homes for the aged, such as the management of people’s access and intelligent areas, precise positioning, and alarm-seeking, from the initial GPS positioning management, mobile phone positioning management, to the later passive RFID, the management level of the elderly in the nursing home has been improved to varying degrees, and some effective solutions have been made to the safety problems of the elderly, but still, there are still some problems. For example, the coverage of the signal, the precise location of the elderly, needs to be located in each area, in order to facilitate the security patrol personnel to deal with the alarm as soon as they receive the alarm, the elderly people unconsciously fall down and call the police for help, etc. , none of the above can be solved.

In view of the existence of these problems, combined with the technical advantages of Suzhou New Guide Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. in the field of active RFID technology, our company specially developed the system “nursing home personnel location management system. ”. By wearing an active electronic wristband tag for each elderly person, the program allows managers to track the elderly’s movements in real time and accurately without having to track them all the time. Each label in the management system to record the elderly basic information, health status, medical history and family contact information, through the visual software system, easy to locate view at any time, to facilitate the intelligent management of the elderly apartment. At the same time, it can solve the functional requirements of automatic identification personnel’s entering and leaving, the regional positioning management of the position of the community security personnel and the old people under the guardianship, the fall/emergency medical assistance alarm and so on. The system can also achieve intelligent monitoring and management, personnel information management, cross-border alarm, button help alarm, track the history of walking and other functions. The level of security management for the elderly has been greatly improved, and the intelligent management of the elderly apartments has been realized.

System introduction

 In response to the needs of the elderly apartment, we have designed the following system:

Fixed readers are installed at the entrance of each room and exit of each floor, at the entrance of each building and at the entrance of each apartment building to identify the wristband tags that each elderly person wears that are monitored by the floor to which they belong, so that through the floor of the monitoring computer (in the Control Room) or the administrator’s PDA, can grasp the physical location of the elderly and other information. The system realizes the 24-hour real-time monitoring of the old people and the administrator, and ensures the safety of the old people. Our aim is to reduce the frequency of accidents and improve the management of apartments by improving the care of the elderly.

By battery-powered Rfid tag strap on the elderly, and in each room at the door and each floor of the exit and each building and apartment door placed identification tag equipment, the location data is transmitted to the position software, and the physical position of the personnel can be displayed graphically in the interface of the control software.

The RFID ELDERLY POSITIONING SYSTEM USES RFID active smart electronic tags, operating at 2.4 Ghz, will not cause interference to other medical equipment. Its size is about 4 * 7cm, thickness is less than 2mm, can be made into wrist band, badge and other forms. By attaching an electronic tag to an elderly person who needs to be monitored, you can keep track of their real-time information at hand. Through the local area network can monitor the elderly’s real-time location, status and other information, and then read out in the control software. Apartment managers can quickly track down elderly people by simply clicking on their location and status information, and implementing medical procedures accordingly.

Principles of The System

The first step is to place a number of card readers at the entrance of each room of the building and at the exit of each floor and at the entrance of the building, and to connect them to the computer in each floor through the network wiring and the monitoring room.

At the same time, each elderly person is given a wristband tag (electronic tag) , each elderly person’s wristband tag and the card reader in his room is matching. As soon as an elderly person wearing an electronic wristband enters the building and passes through or approaches any of the card readers installed in the hospital, the card reader immediately senses the signal and immediately uploads it to the computer in the corresponding care room, the computer can immediately determine the specific information (such as: who, where, when, physical condition, etc.) , and determine whether the elderly to the wrong room, and put it on the computer monitor in the monitoring room and make a backup. Managers can also click on a location in the yard based on a distribution map on a large screen or on a computer, which then displays a summary of personnel in the area. If the old man leaves the room within the prescribed time, the monitoring room signals and indicates the person’s specific situation, whereabouts and expected time of return.

Similarly, if the elderly in the specified time is not in the room or the wrong room, the monitoring room alarm, prompting the administrator to carry out appropriate management operations.

There is a small button on the wrist band, the elderly can press the button in an emergency, to inform the management of their own emergency, need help. When an old person presses a button, a nearby card reader recognizes it and signals the control center to tell it where the old person is.

The computer in the control room compiles a list of the activities of each elderly person during that period, based on their movements over time. In addition, in the event of an accident in the apartment, the personnel situation at the site of the accident can be detected immediately based on the personnel distribution information in the computer, and then the personnel position can be further determined at the site of the accident with a special detector, in order to help managers to solve the accident in an accurate and rapid manner.

System Function

Real Time Location

According to the RFID terminal equipment worn by the elderly, as long as in the community can be located and displayed on the electronic map. When searching for a person’s location, enter the person’s name or number to quickly locate the location of the person and staff to be searched. Anywhere (any place) , Anytime (any time) , Anything (Anything) , to ensure real-time mobile accurate and reliable, to provide security for the elderly, to provide strong support for the management of Staff.

Historical Tracking

The position of people can be displayed dynamically on the electronic map. Managers can keep track of the number and distribution of people dynamically. The detailed information of people can be viewed by moving the mouse over the icon of people. The system can record the time and place of all the people around the clock, track and play back the movement of the people, and know the route and time of their detailed activities.

Access Control Integration

When passing through some important entrances and exits, the terminal of the personnel will communicate with the RFID reader, making good use of the features of Rfid remote identification, reading in large quantities, the elderly do not need to swipe cards, everything will be carried out automatically, each read of information will be passed to the background management system, and recorded in the database. Support high-speed moving objects or people to read data

Records Management

From the first day, information about the elderly can be entered into the system, including basic information, health information, notes and so on. The terminal that assigns old people has RFID tag, tag can store a few information, have unique ID number, can undertake binding according to the information of database. The administrator can assign different authority to the staff, add, delete and check the information of the old, edit and process the file information of the old at any time, and realize the whole process management of the old. The biggest characteristic is may take the person as the node, may carry on the trace, the addressing. That’s the essence of the Internet of things.


The terminal worn by senior citizens/security personnel has an SOS alarm button, which can be pressed in case of emergency (set to 3 seconds to avoid possible accidental operation) , the platform will then receive an alarm message, showing the location of the person in a timely manner, and can pull information about the person at any time, as well as information about the elderly person’s personal health status, past illness, and other relevant information, to provide guidance to medical staff for quick response and emergency assistance, and staff can provide prompt support.